Bag Tie In Cord

The roll of waxed nylon cord will tie in about 20 sets of bagpipes.  We use it for the chanter stocks on all synthetic bags we apply.

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Bag Tie In Cord Kit

The tie in cord kit has enough cord to tie in one set of bagpipes.  It includes 30 yards of tie in cord, 2 pieces of leather to make two welts for the chanter stocks and a instruction sheet on how to tie in a bag.

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Bagpipe Drone Stoppers

The Bagpipe drone stoppers are a required maintenance item.  Great for blowing a new reed in or for a beginner that cant quite play three drones at their stage of learning.

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Bagpipe Stock Stoppers

The Bagpipe stoppers are a required maintenance item that are utilized no matter what pipe bag that is used.

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Black Waxed Hemp

Black waxed hemp does not fluctuate with different levels of moisture as non waxed hemp.  It can last for years before having to re hemp your pipes.

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Chanter Brush

We recommend a chanter brush in any pipers maintenance collection.  We use almost every day that we play to dry the inside of the various parts of the pipes.

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Chanter Stock Cover

The Chanter Stock Cover will lengthen the life of the reed.  It also protects the reed when taking out of the chanter stock.

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Drone Brush

We recommend a drone brush in any pipers maintenance collection.  We use almost every day that we play to dry the inside of the pipes.

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Drone Reed Extender

Drone Read Extenders can really improve your pipe sound if your drones are consistently tuning too high on the tuning pins.  These are effective if you are playing a lower concert pitched chanter.

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Goose Adaptor with Air Flow Valve

The Goose Adaptor with air flow valve is a great product for transitioning learners from practice chanter to bagpipe.  It is compatible with most practice chanters.  Helps develop good blowing technique for the new piper.

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MacClens Disinfectant

MacClens Disinfectant is easy to use as you simply spray into mouthpiece and bag.  Use regularly and even after some one else has played your pipes.

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Pipers Pal Alert Cap

Update your original Pipers Pal Reed Protector with the Alert Cap.

Cap comes with the Pipers Pal Solution and attaches to your original reed protector.  Incorporates the indicator on top of the protector to visually aid you in ensuring your read protector is operating at optimum conditions.

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