McCallum AB4 Deluxe Blackwood Bagpipes – Fully Accessorized

McCallum Bagpipes are precision manufactured by a team of highly skilled bagpipe makers some of who are experienced pipers.

The AB4 Deluxe Blackwood bagpipes look just like an engraved half silver set of bagpipes but at a considerably lower price.  They come standard with imitation ivory mounts, Celtic engraved alloy ferrules, slides, ring caps and engraved alloy mouthpiece with imitation ivory bulb.  Includes the Ceol poly pipe chanter with Celtic engraved sole.  Also included is a Willie McCallum Bannatyne hyde pipe bag with zipper, deluxe black twill bag cover with zipper, gripper, velcro closure, black flat trim and black silk cords. Comes with a McCallum adjustable universal blowpipe.  Finally, the pipes are reeded with Ezee drone reeds and a Shepherd Classic pipe chanter reed.

Your bagpipes will be set up and tested by our professional pipers to ensure they are ready to play when you take delivery of them.

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McCallum Ceol Poly Pipe Chanter

The McCallum Ceol poly pipe chanter is the newest additional to their very successful line of pipe chanters.  Mainly developed for pipe bands but is also a good chanter for solo playing as well.

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McCallum Gandy Poly Pipe Chanter

The McCallum Gandy poly pipe chanter developed by Bruce Gandy, top prize winner.  Designed for both piobaireachd and light music playing with slightly smaller and closer holes positioned on the chanter.  Very comfortable and responsive to play.

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