Airstream Blowpipe Deluxe

The Airstream blowpipe has a very wide bore (3/8″) and increases airflow to the bagpipes to make them easier and steadier to blow.

The valve is housed inside blowpipe and is very responsive.

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Airstream Mouthpiece

The Airstream oval mouthpiece more closely resembles the aperture of the mouth.  This can improve the steadiness of the bagpipe.

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Airstream Replacement Valve

The Airstream Valve is an economical fix to restoring efficient air flow to the bagpipes once the valve is failing.

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Airstream Tilt Blowpipe

The Airstream Tilt is fully adjustable in length and angle.  It comes with an imitation ivory mount. It is also supplied with the Airstream oval mouthpiece.

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Bagpipe Round Mouthpiece

The Round Mouthpiece is available in a number of lengths.  It is very important to play with the correct length of blowpipe.

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Big Mac Bagpipe Valve

The Big Mac is a very air efficient valve.  It is not only a valve but also a water trap as well. Easy installation with zippered bag.

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Little Mac Blowpipe Valve

The Little Mac valve is a great aid in making the bagpipes easier to blow while attaining a steady sound.  It is basically maintenance free.

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Little Mac Replacement Valve

The Little Mac Valve is an economical fix to restoring efficient air flow to the bagpipes once the valve is failing.

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Moose Blowpipe Valve

The Moose valve is a combination valve and water trap.  It requires no manipulation to the stock or blowpipe.

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Rubber Blowpipe Valve

The rubber blowpipe valve is the most tried and true way to have a good seal when blowing into and taking a breath in the blowpipe.  A very economical way to ensuring that you are maximizing the air flow into the bagpipe.

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Rubber Mouthpiece Protectors

The Rubber mouthpiece protector will help to eliminate biting through the mouthpiece and also preserve your beautiful smile.  It also helps with aperture for a better seal around the mouthpiece.

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