Kilt Strap Extender

Kilt a little tight?  Try kilt strap extenders.

Extends your kilt by approximately 6″ without having to move buckles or alter your kilt.

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4 Grip Wooden Kilt Hanger

High quality hardwood hanger with four grips.  Made specifically to hold the weight of your kilt.

Check out our video.

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Inverness Cape Bandspec
Inverness Cape – Bandspec

Inverness Cape – Bandspec Style – by Mister Anthony.

This is an exceptionally designed Inverness Cape. It has a non-slip underarm patch to hold the pipe bag in place. Instead of buttons there is a clever new stud fastening design for easier playing of bagpipes and drums.

It also comes complete with pouch.

Sizing is as follows:

Small (34″-38″), Medium (39″-42″), Large (43″46″), X-Large (47″-51″), XX-Large (52″-55″)

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The “Outfitter” Carry All Garment Bag

Want to keep your Highland outfit and accessories in one place.

The “Outfitter” carry all bag is the perfect solution.

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