Why buy a kilt from us?

Why buy a kilt from us here at Highland Shoppe? 1) We can measure you in person or in our virtual kilt fitting room to assure you that your measurements are accurate! Just make an appointment via email or phone. 2) We save you money $$$$. How?!? Well, many folks don’t know that when they order from outside of Canada they are going to get surprise additional charges for duty, brokerage, shipping , and possibly a terminal fee from the … Read More

Awesome Pipers for Hire!

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Book your awesome pipers for your special event!    Bill and his sister Jeanie have a long performing history and are professional musicians with many accolades and performances.  They are both very well known and can be hired solo or as a duo. Our Pipe Trio also includes Duncan Pickard, our snare drummer extraordinaire.   The Pipes are ideal for special events including weddings, parties, Convocations, Christmas parties, Robbie Burns Nights, memorials/funerals, and so much more!  Inquire for availability and pricing.  … Read More

Weddings Highland Style

Incorporate the powerful and dramatic tones of Scottish heritage into your wedding by saying “I Sure Do” to wearing a kilt for your special day. Hot or cold weather – in a castle, on the beach or in a mystical meadow, wear your kilt or add a touch of tartan to one of the most important moments in your life. Visit us at The Highland Shoppe if you require a kilt.  We can custom order your kilt for you in … Read More

Scots on the Run – Sept 2, 2017

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We had a great turnout for our annual Scots on the Run. The weather was perfect for a morning run around the Calgary Highland Games. Thanks to everyone who participated!! More photos coming soon.  If you want a pic of yourself crossing the finish line be sure to contact Jeanie and she will email it to you once she receives the files.

Scots on the Run – Saturday, Sept 2, 2017

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Registration is now open for the fun 5 km walk/run through the Calgary Highland Games.  Go to the Running Room site or contact us directly to register.Race fee of $15.00 includes a wrist band which allows access into the Calgary Highland Games.  All proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society. Calgary Highland GamesSaturday, September 2, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.Springbank Park for All Seasons   Kilts and tartan are highly encouraged to be worn for this event.The Scots run – rain or shine!!

New MacRae SL4 Bagpipes

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The Highland Shoppe just received an order of MacRae Bagpipes with McCallum Blackwood chanters, G1 Platinum bagpipe reeds, Bannatyne Willie McCallum synthetic hide pipe bags, Selbie and Ezee Drone reeds. The Duncan MacRae reproduction bagpipes are exact copies of the original bagpipes played by Stuart Liddell. The drones produce a rich, deep, full steady tone. tuning above the hemp line with the chanter set at a pitch of 480. Our customers are excited to be receiving their new pipes.  Here … Read More

Choosing an 8 yard kilt versus a 5 yard kilt

Many folks question whether the 8 yard kilt or casual kilt is the proper choice when purchasing a kilt. A traditional kilt has 8 yards of material, however, in the past several years the “casual” or 5 yard kilt has become very popular.  Many people ask what the difference is between the traditional 8 yard kilt and the casual kilt.   The casual kilt has less material in it.  The casual kilt will have less pleats and pleats that are … Read More

Add a touch of tartan to your wedding

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How about these shoes!  Amanda initially wore in these beautiful heels with her own tartan.She surprised everyone by changing over to Troy’s tartan after they were married.You can do something similar.Order your tartan material and get creative with it. Add a touch of Scottish tradition to your modern attire.These bridesmaids look great with their tartan shawls draped over their shoulders while the groom adds a distinctive touch to his attire with a tartan vest.

Remembrance Day – November 11, 2016

Both Jeanie and Bill were out playing on Remembrance ceremonies on November 11, 2016.  Jeanie was downtown at The Core outside Holt Renfrew.  This was an excellent opportunity for those in downtown core to pay their respects to those who have served our country.  Bill was out at Delia, AB – a small community which has held a Remembrance Day ceremony for many years.  They have a Granite Wall of Honour at Veteran’s Memorial Park that was installed on May 12th, … Read More

A Scottish Wedding

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Plan your wedding with subtle Celtic undertones or embrace the Scottish traditions of kilts, Celtic wedding bands, tartan, and pipers.  True “Highland Weddings” don’t match their colors, as the guests will often wear their own clan kilts to the wedding.  At the Highland Shoppe we have you covered.  Rent the complete Highland outfit in our Clan neutral tartans, or purchase your complete kilt outfit from us.  We offer traditional and authentic Highland wear.