Our Frontliners are Pipers too!

We would like to introduce the Highland community to Tyler and Katie.  We wanted to share their story to give all the Pipers and the rest of our customers some inspiration to keep Piping during these unprecedented times. Tyler and Katie are two amazing individuals that are on the Frontline.  Tyler is a full time Fire Paramedic for the city of Red Deer and Katie is a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Red Deer Regional Health Centre.   Tyler and Katie … Read More

Choosing an 8 yard kilt versus a 5 yard kilt

Many folks question whether the 8 yard kilt or casual kilt is the proper choice when purchasing a kilt. A traditional kilt has 8 yards of material, however, in the past several years the “casual” or 5 yard kilt has become very popular.  Many people ask what the difference is between the traditional 8 yard kilt and the casual kilt.   The casual kilt has less material in it.  The casual kilt will have less pleats and pleats that are … Read More