Our catalog is sorted based on mill reference for the material and then alphabetically by name.

  • 10oz Reiver Light Weight (LW) material is  generally used to make items such as ladies trousers, skirts, kilts, scarves, shawls, serapes, capes, sashes, cummerbunds, neck and bow ties, cushions, throws, curtains, tablewear, mens casual lightweight kilts, bags or any craft project.

  • 13oz Braeriach Medium Weight (MW) material can be used for kilts, soft furnishings and upholstery, trews, coats and jackets.

  • 16oz Strome Heavy Weight (HW) material is the standard for a high quality 8 yard kilt.

Our on-line Tartan catalog is meant to provide a quick reference for you.  If you do not find your tartan in the specific weight category you are reviewing, try looking in one of the other weight categories for a reference sample.

If you cannot find your tartan in our on-line tartan catalog, please call us or visit our store and we can show you more fabrics and different weights with actual samples.

We strive to give you an accurate representation of each tartan, however, please note that your individual monitor settings affect what you see on your screen and the actual material colors may differ slightly.