The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker

The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker for bagpipe chanter reeds will help extend the life of your reeds.

Use the poker to open the reed and make small adjustments as required to restore new life into your reeds.

The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker has a smooth point allowing you to precisely manage how much you want to open the reed.

Easy to use and very intuitive.

Comes with a storage case.

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The Tone Protector Reed Case

The Tone Protector Reed Case world’s first digital bagpipe reed storage case with  two way humidity control.

Store up to 15 bagpipe reeds at a constant humidity level of your choice.

Helps to speed up the break in process, extends the life of your reeds, ensures your reed are ready to be played.

Durable clear plastic hinged reed storage case with double snap-lock closure.

We carry Orange only.

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Thermacuff Wrist Warmers

Thermacuff wrist warmers – designed for pipers or drummers playing outside in colder temperatures.

Helps to keep the blood flowing to your hands warmer.  Tried, tested and highly recommended by the The Highland Shoppe pipers.

Great for anyone who needs to keep warm playing in cooler surroundings.

Includes a set of disposable warming packs inside.


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Yellow Waxed Hemp

Yellow waxed hemp does not fluctuate with different levels of moisture as non waxed hemp.  It can last for years before having to re hemp your pipes.

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