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Our Frontliners are Pipers too!

We would like to introduce the Highland community to Tyler and Katie.  We wanted to share their story to give all the Pipers and the rest of our customers some inspiration to keep Piping during these unprecedented times.

Tyler and Katie are two amazing individuals that are on the Frontline.  Tyler is a full time Fire Paramedic for the city of Red Deer and Katie is a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Red Deer Regional Health Centre.   Tyler and Katie began taking their Piping lessons in February 2019 from Michael and Marion of the Innisfail Legion Pipe Band.  They have two beautiful sets of McCallum Bagpipes and have progressed very well with their Piping skills.   2020 was set to be a momentous year for Tyler and Katie. as they were to have their wedding in Canmore in June.  They also had a wonderful trip to Scotland planned in August with the Innisfail Legion Pipe band.  Tyler and Katie have had to postpone both their wedding AND their Scotland trip.  When I reached out to Katie she said “Scotland will wait for us until next year!  She also said that “music has been a great means of relieving stress during these unprecedented times”.

When I connected with them about doing a feature on them, Katie had said Tyler had worked the night shift.  After just four hours of sleep, Tyler was up piping, and then Katie and Tyler got “kilted up” and sent me a great picture.  There are some additional photos of their engagement which were take June 2019 at Crescent Fall, AB.

They really are inspirational and we want to thank them for all of their hard work and bravery on the front lines.  Good things come to those who wait, and Katie and Tyler are going to have a spectacular “Highland Wedding” and a great trip to Scotland.  Thank you from all of us in the Highland community.  We are very proud of you in so many ways, and keep piping!

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