The Highland Scottish Gift Shoppe Ltd. Rental Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully.

Measurements: When ordering online, the customer is responsible for providing accurate measurement information.  Please measure according to the instructions offered on line.The waist size for kilts is not a pant size. It is very important that the measurement provided is taken carefully. Accurate jacket and shirt sizes are also important. All measurements should be correct to allow for a proper fit.

Deposits & Payment:

Store Location – A deposit of 50% of the total rental fee is required. If a rental is cancelled more than 4 weeks before the event date, the deposit will be refunded less a 25% administration fee. If the rental is cancelled within 4 weeks of the event date, the deposit is non-refundable. Deposits count toward the rental price. The balance of the rental will be charged when the items are shipped or picked up. A credit card is required for any rental as a form of security, although other forms of payment may be used (cash, debit, credit card).

Online – Full payment is required when booking online. Rentals cancelled more than 4 weeks from event date will be refunded the full amount less 25% administration fee. Cancellations for rentals booked online less than 4 weeks from event date will be charged full deposit (50% of full rental charge).

Care of Rental Items: Tartan items (kilts and plaids), jackets, and vests can be damaged by ironing. Steaming these items is ideal. If steaming is not an option, a warmed iron can be used, as long as a clean damp towel or cloth is placed between the iron and the garment. Do not place in a dryer.  Abnormal wear and tear of the rental items will be subject to a fee for restoration or complete replacement of the items.

Non-Rental Items: If your package includes Kilt Hose (socks), Tuxedo Shirts, or Laced Kilt Shirts, these items are yours to keep. Shirts are shipped new, so they will need to be washed and pressed before wearing.

Loss or Damage: The customer is liable for damage to any rental item and will be charged the cost to repair the damaged item. If excessive damage occurs to a rental item, Highland Scottish Gift Shoppe Ltd. has the right to charge the customer the full loss amount as shown below.

Replacement costs of our rental items are as follows:

    • Kilt – $475.00
    • Jacket – $300.00
    • Vest – $100.00
    • Dress Sporran – $150.00
    • Day Sporran – $75.00
    • Belt and Buckle – $75.00
    • Gillie Brogue Shoes – $90.00
    • Fly Plaid and Broach – $100.00
  • Flashes – $15.00

Picking up your rental:  Our normal rental period is a pick up on the Friday before the event with a return date of the following Tuesday. For week day events, the rental can be picked up the day before the event and is to be returned the day after the event. We will work to accommodate your rental period if your requirements are different.

Receiving Your Rental (if applicable): We will ship items by FedEX to arrive 2-3 days before your event. Please try everything on as soon as possible, in case an exchange is required. The balance of your rental will be charged when the items are shipped. Outgoing shipping charges are based on order value, weight and volumetric dimensions and will be charged to your credit card upon shipping. Keep the original box to make the return easier.

Exchanges: If an exchange is required, please let us know immediately so we can send a replacement item before your event. If an item was shipped in error, we will take responsibility for shipping charges. If the exchange is based on preference only, the customer will be responsible for shipping. If incorrect measurements were given, the customer will be responsible for shipping.

Extended Rentals: Extended rentals are available, but must be arranged in advance. Each outfit package, kilt, or jacket rental can be extended for $25/day.  Other items can be extended for $10/day.

Returning Items: All weekend rental items are due back to us on the Tuesday after your event. If the return package is scanned by FedEx the first business day after your event, late fees will not be charged, even if the package arrives to us after the due date. Using the original box and packaging will make your return easier. Please account for all items.  Remember – socks, shirts and ties are yours to keep. If they are returned accidentally, we are not responsible for shipping them back to you.  Please ensure that no wet items are shipped in the return package, as this can damage not only the damp item, but other garments in the package.

All items are to be returned to:

Highland Scottish Gift Shoppe Ltd.
390 Piita Rise SW
Calgary, AB T3B 5V6 Canada

Late Charges: For every day late, each outfit package, kilt, or jacket rental will be charged $50/day, and all other rental items will be charged $25/day. Late charges per item will not exceed the replacement price of the item. If you think your return will be delayed, it is best to schedule an extended rental in advance.