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Add a touch of tartan to your wedding

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Tartan Heels

How about these shoes!  Amanda initially wore in these beautiful heels with her own tartan.

Tartan Heels

She surprised everyone by changing over to Troy's tartan after they were married.

Tartan Heels

You can do something similar.

Order your tartan material and get creative with it.

Tartan Shawls and Vest

Add a touch of Scottish tradition to your modern attire.

These bridesmTartan Shawls and Vest Weddingsaids look great with their tartan shawls draped over their shoulders while the groom adds a distinctive touch to his attire with a tartan vest.

4 Responses

  1. Lacey
    | Reply

    Those shoes are amazing! Whoever made those has talent!

  2. Jo-Ann Fischer
    | Reply

    Absolutely beautiful shoes – Please note, you should give credit to the lovely lady who made them for her friend Amanda.
    Jaime Miles created the shoes specifically for Amanda and presented them to her as a gift for her wedding.
    Jaime is extremely talented and has designed shoes for me as well.

    • The Highland Shoppe
      | Reply

      Yes – we will check with Amanda to get the artisan of the Tartan heels and post it on our blog.

  3. Amanda
    | Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on the shoes! The fabric was ordered through the Highland Shoppe and my friend, Jaime Miles, designed and created the shoes. She can be reached at milesofshoes@gmail.com

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