Lughs Knot Brooch Small Pewter PB64
Lughs Knot Brooch Small Pewter

Each Piece of St Justin jewelry is crafted by hand and eye in Cornwall, the South West Extremity of Britain. The art of the Celts lives on in St Justin’s unique and beautiful designs.

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Scottie Dog Heathergem Brooch HB16
Scottie Dog Heathergem Brooch

Supplied in a gift box with a story card on how Heathergems are made. Heathergems are unique and no two are ever exactly the same. Heathergem colors will vary in each item. Heathergem colors tend to resonate to burgundy, purple and green tones.

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Trinity Knot Brooch Rhodium Plated S1916
Trinity Knot Brooch Rhodium Plated

Solvar jewelry is designed to draw inspiration from Ireland’s rich past by incorporating Celtic design into each piece of their jewelry.

The Trinity Knot brooch is part of the Solvar Tara collection.

It is approximately 29 mm in height by 19 mm in width.

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