David Naill Bagpipes DN5 (Used)

David Naill bagpipes are produced completely in house by David Naill.

The DN5 styling of half silver and half imitation ivory is the epitome of the classic bagpipe look.  All of the hand engraved ferrules, slides, ring caps, mouthpiece and black wood chanter with Sterling silver band and imitation ivory mounts will be cherished for ever. This set is Dragon hand engraved with a full silver mouthpiece.

These bagpipes are in mint condition. They were previously played at a professional competition level by the owner. They are very steady with a beautiful harmonic tone.

Bagpipes come assembled with new bag, cover, cords and reeds.

Your bagpipes will be configured and tested by our professional pipers to ensure they are ready to play when you take delivery of them.

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