Bore Oil

We recommend applying bore oil to the inside bores of the bagpipes approximately every 6 months.  It can improve the tone of the bagpipe.

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Chanter Brush

We recommend a chanter brush in any pipers maintenance collection.  We use almost every day that we play to dry the inside of the various parts of the pipes.

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Chanter Stock Cover

The Chanter Stock Cover will lengthen the life of the reed.  It also protects the reed when taking out of the chanter stock.

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Drone Brush

We recommend a drone brush in any pipers maintenance collection.  We use almost every day that we play to dry the inside of the pipes.

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Drone Reed Extender

Drone Read Extenders can really improve your pipe sound if your drones are consistently tuning too high on the tuning pins.  These are effective if you are playing a lower concert pitched chanter.

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G1 High Efficiency Split Stock Water Trap with TrapDri
G1 High Efficiency Split Stock Water Trap with Trap Dri

The G1 High Efficiency split stock water trap with built in Trap Dri system is used by top pipe bands and soloists throughout the world.  It features a tube with the Trap Dri moisture control membrane inside.  This tube fits easily through the blowpipe stock for easy removal to dry and clean.  Because of less moisture entering the bag you will be able to play longer and it may help in preserving your bag life.

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Goose Adaptor with Air Flow Valve

The Goose Adaptor with air flow valve is a great product for transitioning learners from practice chanter to bagpipe.  It is compatible with most practice chanters.  Helps develop good blowing technique for the new piper.

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MacClens Disinfectant

MacClens Disinfectant is easy to use as you simply spray into mouthpiece and bag.  Use regularly and even after some one else has played your pipes.

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McCallum ETY Earplugs

The McCallum earplugs are a precaution to hearing loss due to playing the bagpipes.  They are ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum sound filtration.

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Pipers Pal Recharge Kit

The Pipers Pal Recharge kit should be changed annually to ensure that the systems humidity and drying capabilities are maximized.

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Pipers Pal Reed Protector

The Pipers Pal is an excellent product that offers reed protection and humidity control.  It will not only make your reed last longer  and more stable but also easier to break in.

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Pipers Pal Replacement Rod

The Pipers Pal Replacement Rod is important piece to the Pipers Pal as it is very effective once inserted in the chanter.  It is a good idea to tuck away in your pipe case separate compartment as it is very light and easy to lose.

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