Clanrye Plastic Pipe Chanter Reed

The Clanrye pipe chanter reed requires no blowing in period and features an extended life cycle over cane pipe chanter reeds. Strength of reed does not decline over time as cane reeds do.

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Ezee Drone Bass Reed

The Ezee Drone Bass Reed is very efficient and steady. Four different types are offered.  The inverted reed really helps in strike ins as there is less propensity for double toning.

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Ezee Drone Reeds

The Ezee Drone Reeds are very efficient and steady. They are the most popular drone reed in the world.

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Ezee Drone Reeds High Absorption

The Ezee Drone Reed High Absorption are very efficient and steady.  Same ease of set up as Ezee Drone but with much more moisture capabilities.

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EzeePC Bagpipe Chanter Reed

EzeePC bagpipe pipe chanter reeds are easily suited to a wide variety of pipe chanters. They are bright, free flowing and tonally true in a number of pipe chanters we have tested the reeds in.  As only the highest grade cane is utilized in the manufacture of the EzeePC reeds the quality is very consistent.

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G1 Platinum Pipe Chanter Reed

The G1 pipe chanter reed is one of the top choices amongst the top piping competitors and world’s leading pipe bands.

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G1 Practice Chanter Reed

G1 practice chanter reeds are made from the finest raw materials producing a great sounding reed that is also durable.

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Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

The Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds are an excellent choice for overall tonal consistency and ease of set up.

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MacPhee Pipe Chanter Reed

The MacPhee pipe chanter reed is one of the top choices amongst the top piping competitors.

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RT Shepherd Classic Cut Pipe Chanter Reed

The RT Shepherd classic cut pipe chanter reed is manufactured within superior quality control techniques. Very stable and vibrant.

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Selbie Drone Reeds

The Selbie Drone Reeds are very efficient and steady.  They sound just like a good set of cane drone reeds but without the bother of maintaining them.

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Tru-Tone Practice Chanter Reed

The Tru-Tone Practice Reed provides a melodic resonant sound. Superior manufacturing ensures long lasting life for the reed.

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